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Some things Sophie Likes to do in Merimbula

We are not exactly sure what Sophie likes yet, other than her food of course. We know everyone loves meeting Sophie including our web designer Nigel who thinks she deserves a page of her own. Below are some of the places that we think Sophie will like.




Sapphire Aquatic Centre

Sophie is now learning to swim and the Sapphire Aquatic Centre is the perfect facility. Sophie loves playing in the kids pool as it has toys and water fountains and some days they even have a inflatable castle.   www.sapphireaquatic.com.au



Merimbula Wharf and Aquarium



We are not sure who gets the most from a trip to Merimbula's Wharf and Aquarium. Sophie and Olivia love to see all the fish and creatures swimming around in the aquarium. Upstairs Matt and Gabbie enjoy fine dining overlooking Main Beach. I guess we all love a trip to the Wharf. www.merimbulawharf.com.au

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